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She treated them only to tickles and social contact. When seeking, they searched systematically, beginning with past hiding locations.

Similarly, to teach them to hide, she rewarded them for leaving their box, then for scurrying to another area, then for finding and staying in a hiding spot. After all, for two decades researchers have known that rats enjoy being tickled and react by producing tranny escort atl chirps that can be compared to laughter. Certainly, other species do sometimes lack mental skills that one would assume they had, and calling for objectivity is reasonable.

When conditioned with food, rats are usually silent and can tirelessly perform hundreds of trials. In retrospect, it was the perfect game for uniting two different species. All six rats learned to seek, and five also learned to hide.

When hiding, they chose opaque boxes instead of transparent ones and kept quieter. Zeynep Tufekci She began by getting six adolescent rats accustomed to a square-foot room fitted with boxes and barriers behind which they or Reinhold could hide.

The rats also behaved quite unlike rodents that take part in typical studies for typical rewards. One neuron, for example, went off only when the rat was sealed inside the starting box at the beginning of seeking rounds.

But Reinhold found that once discovered, the rats would often run away and re-hide, delaying their reward and prolonging the game itself. She also habituated the animals to her by stroking them, chasing them with her hands, and tickling them. How smmart the animal decide where it wants to seek, or whether it wants to hide?

She placed them in an open box and walked to a different part of the room. Crucially, she never remunerated the rats with classic rewards such as water or food. They clearly understood the rules of the game, and played strategically.

If they approached her, she rewarded them with tickles. After one month, Reinhold taught them to seek.

At first, she stood in the open, but once the rats got the hang of approaching her, she incrementally raised the difficulty by partially hiding, then seeeking fully while the rodents were watching, and finally hiding while the box was closed. She and her colleagues believe that rather than pursuing rewards, the rats were playing for the sake of it.

They played because they had fun.