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Saturday May 18th 7.

Regular Camps to take place in and around Zumba Nuddy. Most of us today lead busy, stressful lifestyles leaving us little time to make healthy food and drink choices. The program can be customised according to your personal needs and goals.

Zumba Boot Camp 10am til 1pm. What your body needs is good balanced program of exercise, nutrition, food with low calories and good sources of protein, sufficient fibre and essential vitamins and vor.

With fast food and convenient snacks readily available, your body often misses out on chat mania vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. So along with our existing Zumba programs of Fitness, Toning and Gold, and professional nutritional support we are combining the factors of fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle into a Wellness program for all to take advantage of and build a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

The simple truth is that a surprising of people are not getting the balanced exercise and nutrition that their body needs.

Hope to see you in class, have a fabulous Christmas! Whether it be managing your weight, reaching your fitness goals or simply looking and feeling healthier, all of this starts with bringing your fitness and nutrition into balance.

Challenging, Confidence building and uniquely self determining. Get out your diary and get ready for a Party this season.

Watch out for introductions to this program. Kind Regards. Your overall health is often affected by your body being deprived of the essential nutrients it needs to function properly, in short, a lack of balanced nutrition.

Buddt hope we have given you an insight into what goes on at Dance Zumba and even if you only come to Zumba every now and again, you can still enjoy the benefits of being part of an exclusive group of people who want to enjoy a great experience while achieving a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Are you Zumbalicious?

Dates for the Diary Lots happening at your Zumba Classes duringso make sure you book early and don't miss out on the fun and fitness. Saturday September 21st 7.

It's going to be a blast!!! It's going to happen to you, you just don't know yet!!!