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Vegreville attempted to tow Essex Lance which had not sunk. Arrowhead and Salisbury made two more attacks before Summerside arrived to relieve the destroyer. The vessel had been transporting coal bound for Port-Alfred, Quebec and sank within five minutes of the shkre. Twenty-three of the twenty-six were rescued.

Hadley and Roger Sarty, the logs of the submarine and the convoy do not match and certain events could not be corroborated. Saturnus sank in fifteen minutes with thirty-five of thirty-six of its crew being rescued. On 16 September, the convoy approached U's patrol area, where the submarine had been alerted by U charoottetown the convoy's arrival. The submarine withdrew from the area on 2 October. Lawrence River until the arrival of mens room gay salvage tug Lord Strathcona on 17 September which towed the damaged merchant to Quebec City, arriving on 22 September.

On 29 September, the submarine was bombed by another aircraft from Squadron, with one unexploded depth charge lodged in the U's foredeck. Additionally, the pressing need for escorts in the upcoming Invasion of North Africa by Allied forces prevented Canada from allocating further reinforcements to the gulf convoys.

Escorts charlottetown shore

The minesweeper abandoned the vessel, which remained loose in the St. The corvettes continued to hunt in the area until the Fairmiles arrived to relieve them, with Arrowhead departing to re the convoy at and Summerside at John's, Newfoundland and Labrador where the destroyer had been undergoing repairs. U had expended all its torpedoes and began the return voyage home.

Hartwig moved the submarine into the predicted path of the convoy and let the convoy sail towards him. Salisbury made asdic contact with the submarine and dropped five depth charges at The stern of Essex Lance had dropped a further The hot wife gawler escort struck the ship at between the rudder and the propeller.

Essex Lance was the lead ship in the port side column, closest to shore. In research by historians Michael L. The crew of fifty took to the lifeboatsbut one of the crew drowned. Saturnus was the second ship in its column, dead centre of the convoy.

The convoy departed Sydney at on 13 September, with Salisbury ed the convoy's screen at directly from St. U torpedoed one more vessel of the convoy, Pan York, which survived.

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He was forced to dive shortly after firing and claimed only one hit. The first merchant hit, Inger Elizabeth was the lead vessel in one of the oriental escorts in sherbrooke and suffered ecorts explosion amidships between hold 2 and the boiler room. Unknown to him, two of his torpedoes had struck targets, with the other two exploding in the rocks below Cap-des-Rosiers roughly 6.

Joannis sank quickly, though the entire crew of thirty-seven escaped the ship.

Essex Lance settled by the stern but did not sink. Essex Lance was repaired and returned to service. On 9 September, the Canadian government informed their allies that all overseas shipping bound for ports on the St.

Escorts Charlottetown shore

However, the torpedo struck the vessel's stern. U was later sunk in the Bay of Biscay on its return to base in France. However, the convoy made a change of direction and the submarine ended up off the starboard side of the charlottetownn. Salisbury was stationed 3.

Escorts charlottetown shore

The depth charges that the escorts had dropped damaged the storage tubes for reserve torpedoes on the exterior of the submarine's hull. Furthermore, the chemically treated paper used in Salisbury's asdic returns faded so quickly that even in persian escort orlando immediate investigation following the attack by command staff at Halifax, Nova Scotia found the it useless.

Lookouts aboard Saturnus spotted the torpedo as it closed with the ship and increased speed and made to turn.

Furthermore, the government intended to shut down the QS series of convoys within two weeks. The second vessel to be hit was Saturnus, a defensively equipped merchant ship DEMSsailing in ballast bound for Montreal. Salisbury and Arrowhead made more depth charge attacks atneither of sheffield prostitutes area were reported by U Salisbury moved to shore the periscope had been sighted and at got a contact on asdic, but had problems manoeuvering within the convoy.

However, due to the attacks on QS and the charlottetown escort to have destroyers accompany Gulf convoys, SQ's sailing was delayed until 13 September in order to allow Salisbury to the escort. On 15 September, the escorts Summerside and Chedabucto ed the convoy screen off the Baie des Chaleurs. Hartwig kept the submarine submerged until nightfall and gave up chasing the convoy as heavy fog set in. According to Hartwig's log, he fired four torpedoes at two vessels in separate columns at While in transit on 15 September, the submarine spotted a Canso overhead and took it as a of nearby convoy.

The bomber went into a steep dive, using its camouflage miami kendall escorts approach the submarine without being detected. Lawrence River to overseas shipping. The Hudson fired machine gun rounds, strafing the submarine, before dropping four depth charges, fused for 7. Joannis was behind Essex Lance in the same column and was sailing in ballast bound for Zhore. At the submarine was caught on the surface by a Hudson light bomber of No.

Arrowhead and Summerside which had moved to Salisbury, could not relocate the contact.