Supermarkets Open on Sundays

Here we will share with you some of the Supermarkets open on Sundays. Everyone that lives in Germany knows how finding a working store on Sunday can be really hard. Usually not even possible in Berlin, since shopping hours are regulated by law. But there are some exceptions.


  1. Rewe at Ostbanhof station, opened Sundays 7-24
  2. Ullrich at Zoo station, opened Sundays 11-22
  3. Edeka at Friedrichstraße station, opened Sundays from 8-22
  4. Kaiser’s at Hauptbahnhof (main station), opened Sundays 8-22
  5. Edeka at Lichtenberg station, opened Sundays 8-22
  6. Edeka at Südkreuz station, opened Sundays 8-22
  7. Denn’s Biomarkt at Gesundbrunnen station, opened Sundays 8-21


Below, see also a Google map of all these supermarkets. It is open for editing, so feel free to add more shops.

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