Libraries and shops for books in English

This list is for all of you who love reading but cant speak german or just prefer reading english books.


1. The Amerika-Gedenk-Bibliothek near U-Bhf Hallesches Tor has an English-language section with all the classics. you can keep library books for up to 12 weeks if you renew them.

2. Schützenstrasse (100m from albrechtstrasse) in steglitz has cheap ones.

3. St George’s in P-Berg has a big second hand section (When you’re finished, you can sell them back for half the price.)

4.  Antiquariat, at The angle of BergmannStr. and SchenkendorfStr. They have a good choice of Second hand books in Englsih and in French too.


6. Another Country in Kreuzberg

7. Shakespeare and sons in Warschauer straße 74

8. The Curious Fox on Flughafen str.

9. Dussmann on Friedrichstraße



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