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German classes is clearly the best way to learn german in Berlin :

Sometimes, a good old teacher-pupil situation is best to learn german in Berlin. Fortunately, there is a good range at hand since a lot of expats have been moving to the city the past few years. In almost all of them, you can sign-up for a free trial class to get a sense of your level & see for yourself if the teaching method suits you. Mind also that some schools will require from you to buy some specifics material like books to follow the course.

  • Volkshochschule : Intended as school for adults, it offers the flexibility to choose the amount of hours for all languages levels. It is the cheapest option as well starting from 69€ for students.
  • Goethe Institut : The grand institution is in charge of spreading the german culture in the world and offers German courses for all. It is very tailored and professional teaching service that comes to a cost : a little more than 1000€ for 4 intensive 25 h weeks. Might be a good idea to kickstart your efforts. They also have cheaper great online courses where you have live sessions with real teacher in between fun-oriented exercises to do on your own. A good solution if you aren’t ready for a classroom. More info about this program here. You can book it here.
  • Numerous private schools are taking the more interactive road, with usual smaller groups focused on getting some practical sentences. Price differs a lot depending on the types of classes:


  • Hartnackschule 198 euro/month – http://www.hartnackschule-berlin.de/en/

  • Die Berliner Volkshochschulen 150 euro/month -http://www.berlin.de/vhs/kurse/deutsch/index.html Arguably the most affordable and best of the bunch. Courses are offered in 12 different areas in the city with different start dates and intensities. Choose what is right for you. In addition, depending on your status, you may be eligible for reduced tuition.

  • Die Neue Schule Berlin http://www.neueschule.de/en/

  • DeutschAkademie Sprachschule Berlin 225 euro/month http://www.deutschakademie.de/berlin/

  • Babylonia e.V. http://www.babylonia.de/laufende-sprachkurse/

  • Expath http://www.expath.de/learn-german-in-berlin/

  • Goethe Instituthttp://www.goethe.de/ins/de/ort/ber/deindex.htm – Renowned school but very expensive

  • Tandem Searches – Study with a native speaker one on onehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/languageExchangeParty/

  • Deutschule 188 euro per month http://www.die-deutschule.de/german-learning-language-school-karl-marx-str-107-12043-berlin-neukoelln.html

  • BSI Berlin, 195/month

  • The Jüdische Volksschule 90 euro for 8 weeks http://www.jg-berlin.org/institutionen/kultur/juedische-volkshochschule.html

  • SKB by TU Berlin http://www.skb.tu-berlin.de/contao/index.php/en/skb.html

  • GLS http://www.gls-german-courses.de/learn_german_in_germany.html

  • Kapitel Zwei http://kapitel-zwei.de/



Languages tandems in Berlin :

I will grant you : learning german in Berlin is not easy. But sometimes, finding the right person to talk with can be a huge motivation. Also if you feel you are ready to practice on your own, this might a good option to meet cool people and auf deutsch bitte ! I find it’s great to gather the self-confidence you need in the early days to dare speaking a language that looks very intimidating at first. With language tandems, you are both feeling awkwardly uncomfortable. No one is judging. The tricky bit is that it’s like finding a sparring partner at Tennis: it’s only fun if you are both on the same level.

There are a few ways to find the pearl :

I hear some turmoil in the back of the classroom : “What other alternatives do i have than take a german classes or language tandems in Berlin ?”

Apps :

For the less social or less available ones of us, it is always possible to use a smartphone or laptop to train and practice without the need of another human being. You could even learn German in Berlin subway, while you go to work.

The perk of apps is that you can really start at any level. So if you are a beginner, that might be a way to get ahead of the game before your first german course in Berlin. Self motivation is however key because there is no one to look over your shoulder. Thankfully, most of those apps have gamification aspects to it so you should be fine.

Source: Settle in Berlin

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