Free German SIM card from LycaMobile

Get FREE German SIM card for your phone now ! This article will explain you how to get one.

* That’s not paid product placement. We just wanted to share with you this great opportunity that LycaMobile gives us.

LycaMobile is obviously the cheapest SIM card for international calls and high-speed Internet data in Germany right now. With this SIM card you stay completely flexible free of contract. It’s prepaid.

You just charge it with money whenever you want. You can simply order the SIM card now. Insert it into your cell phone and start calling, texting, surfing. That’s it !

LycaMobile uses the Vodafone network so thats why Fast Internet and the best network coverage are guaranteed.

How it works:

1. Order your totally  FREE prepaid SIM card from the website.
2. Get the SIM card after 1-3 days in your mailbox at home.
3. Recharge your card online or in the local store.

The SIM card works with all mobile phones. You can use it as a standard one, micro or nano-SIM.

By visiting the online form to order the SIM card you have to fill your first and last name, email, adress and that’s it ! No extra information.

I’m personally recommending LycaMobile for all people which are often calling friend’s and family members in other countries since that company offers one of the best prices for outside Germany calls.

Don’t forget to write in the comment section  or our Forum which mobile operators you have tried in Germany and share your experience with us. Which one would you suggest and why?

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