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[Sticky] BerliNEW.club is looking for Blogger & Moderators  

Oktay Shakirov
Member Admin

Hello Berliners, I'm looking for new people to join our BerliNEW.club team. What we need is fresh ideas and help to make this website better. More about me you can read here. I created BerliNEW because i love Berlin and i would like to share free advices with other new people in Berlin. My goal is to create community which is helping and sharing information with our visitors.

Sharing is Caring. So that’s why i started this blog which hopefully will help people that need some tips or ideas about the integration in this Amazing city.


What a blogger in BerliNEW have to do ? : 

  • It's simple. Our blog page is full with helpful articles about Berlin and we want to grow our archives and knowledge as much as possible. 

What one moderator have to do ?:

  • Moderators have to keep our forums safe from spam and offensive or annoying replies to our topics.
  • They have to create new entertaining topics where our visitors can talk about different things.

If you want to join BerliNEW team all you have to do is register account, write a reply in this topic and share contact details where i can invite you to our admin panel.

I can't promise payment to all our moderators and bloggers but i would like to share my earnings from advertisements with you. 


Everyone is welcome to be part of our team. 💪 

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Posted : 01/06/2017 11:09 pm
Active Member

I'm already in the team ✊

We are already 3 people and growing. 



Posted : 11/07/2017 1:24 am

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