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Oktay Shakirov
Member Admin

Ryanair is obviously the cheapest available airline right now in Berlin. From my personal experience i woild say they are really good and i never had any problems with them. Flying around Europe for less than 100€ always on the cheapest price.


There is one little detail. You have to pay 39€ extra to get 20kg Bag with you, otherwise you are only allowed to take with you handbag or backpack. Also they recently started randomly changing the seats so even if you order 2 or more tickets the places will be separated. In the 39€ extra fee you have the option to choose your seat number so thats not so big problem i guess. 


Whats your opinion ? Are they worth it ? Share your experience with us. If you like other airline better then just create new thread in the forum and write what you like about them. 🤓

Posted : 10/07/2017 1:29 am

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