Abmeldung – Deregistration

Deregistration of an apartment

  • When you give-up/leave a Berlin apartment because you are going abroad


  • you are leaving one of several apartments in Germany, for which you are registered and the Berlin apartment persists


  • you give up one of several Berlin apartments, for which you are registered


You must de-register with the Registry Office in Berlin only if you:

  • migrate abroad


  • if you give up a main or secondary residence, without moving in to another apartment in Germany


When migrating abroad, meaning that you move out of the flat and you will not live there in the future – temporary stays/residence abroad, for study purposes for example does not need derigistration – you have to deregistrate.


The cancellation can take place in a period of 7 days before, but must be carried outwithin 14 days after the move-out.


You will receive a confirmation of deregistration.



However, if you just want to move within Germany, you do not have to de-register, you only have to register at the registration office of your new apartment location.



Deregistration with the ‘Meldebehörde’

Since November 1, 2015, the ‘Wohnungsgeber’ is obliged to inform the declarant to confirm the extract up to 7 days before or after the departure in writing and SIGNED!


This certificate must contain the following data:

  • name and address of the ‘Wohnungsgeber’
  • statement date,
  • address of the apartment
  • the name of the reportable persons


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You can call 115 for an appointment but the “Abmeldung” can also be done by mail(normal snail mail). Please do so, but use the above forms offered!


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Source : free-advice-berlin –  facebook group

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