Get Free Furniture (+ Other Free Stuff)

So you’re new in town, got your new flat or room, and as it’s typical in Germany, it is empty, non-furnished: No bed, no closet, no desk. Here’s how to get these things for free.

 But instead of buying furniture you can just get it for free. And not only furniture, even a fridge or washing machine! Here are the sources:

  • Facebook groups:
  • BSR Verschenkmarkt: Berlin’s public cleansing service runs their own portal. People can post their stuff to give (“Verschenke”) or to exchange (“Tausche”). Since many users here still want to get something in return, you will see mostly exchange ads like “Fridge in exchange for 10 liters of milk”. But mostly, it’s  still a good deal, I once got a laser printer/fax for 4 bottles of multivitamin juice. 😀
  • Freecycle Berlin: The Berlin branch of The Freecycle Network. Works as a Yahoo mailing list which you have to subscribe. Didn’t test it on my own, so can’t say much about it.
  • eBay-Kleinanzeigen, Zu verschenken: Ebay’s German ad service does also offer a “for free” category. No own experience with it.
  • Craiglist also has a Berlin category.

Source :

Do you know more? Feel free to add them in the comments!

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